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Lily Room – Chatswood

August 1st, 2015


Article by Guest Contributor, Romel Kouyan

You often read about the latest treatments and lasers promising the world, but how often do you walk out of a clinic after a treatment feeling 10 years younger?

I was recently commissioned to trial Laser Genesis and document my thoughts on the overall treatment. The timing was impeccable as my skin was feeling slightly tired, so I was definitely cheering.

Laser Genesis uses high power microsecond pulses at high repetition rates to safely heat the dermis, stimulating collagen and reducing redness. The procedure utilises non-invasive laser technology to safely and effectively treat fine line wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin texture and diffuse redness and scars. Most patients will see subtle, yet consistent results after each treatment, with zero unwanted side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation.

Clinic3I found several clinics within my area that offered Laser Genesis, so finding a location wasn’t hard. However, I am a firm believer that every one of your senses needs to be tantalised when splurging money on yourself. After all, you are investing money in yourself to feel good, so an overall experience played a big part in this for me.

One of the first clinics I came across was Lily Room, situated in a very private street in Chatswood. I proceeded to call the clinic and booked my first appointment, much to my delight.

I must say, I was slightly nervous going to my first appointment. I had a million thoughts racing through my head. Was this place going to be any good? Was the treatment going to work, or was my skin going to be worse off?

As I entered Lily Room, the first thing I was welcomed by was the inviting scent throughout the clinic and a friendly face with a beaming smile welcoming me to their clinic. The rooms were beautiful and lit to make you feel very welcomed.

Once I was in the treatment room, the specialist made me feel extremely comfortable and explained how the treatment was going to work and that I would have a course of six treatments. I was also told the laser feels like the sun tingling against your skin.

Treatment time, the eye pads were gently placed on my eyes and the treatment began. I must say, the laser definitely did feel like I was laying in the sun, and in a strange way – I found it extremely soothing and not at all painful, as previously believed.

I have always had fairly good skin, however, it most certainly has its moments. I have to admit, my main concerns have always been my pores and the few fine lines that are creeping up as I am entering my 40s.

After my first treatment, I noticed my skin to be plumper and had a natural glow to it. However, I was promised the final results would be visible after the course of 6 treatments. This however did not stop me from constantly admiring myself in the rear view mirror on my way back in to the office.

As the technician mentioned, the results were most certainly visible after the 6 treatments. My pores are dramatically reduced and the texture of my skin has never felt better, and much to be excitement, the fine lines around my eyes are virtually unnoticeable.

The treatment requires your dedication, as you will be need to frequent the clinic once a fortnight. However, if you are contemplating investing in a laser treatment, do yourself a favor and book yourself in for Laser Genesis.

It takes a lot to impress me, and I can honestly say I am extremely impressed with the treatment and am a devoted fan.

If you are in the Sydney area, do yourself a favor and see the ladies at Lily Room, you will not be disappointed.



Let’s Meet The King Of Hair And Looking Younger – Troy Thompson

September 20th, 2010

Troy Thompson is definately a man who knows what he wants. He set out young, trying to achieve a goal – and guess what, he ge got it.

A caring and thoughtful person, he takes good care of those people close to him. He works hard, endless hours – but enjoys every minute of it.

The successful Troy Thompson Hairdressing Salon in Rose Bay (soon to be Potts Point) has seen him grow from strength to strength, eventually getting his own role on the hit TV show, 10 Years Younger in 10 Days.

He has just launched his new book… But i’ll let him tell you about it, and everything else about his private life!

What projects are you currently working on or have in the near future?

I have just launched my new book, Troy Thompson’s Guide To The Younger You. [Click HERE to read about the book]

I’m currently working on my book project, pulling together the next one and also trying to finish up loose ends for our move to our new salon in Potts Point.

Who or what influences you most in Fashion and home décor?

I don’t follow fashion; I think that is boring and so predictable. I believe you should have your own style and create your own fashion style.

On the home front i have been told I do like a bit of Versace and know how to do a room like Ralph Lauren, but seriously i like simple furniture and a easy space for living and having great friends who enjoy your space.

What is your favourite piece of clothing or accessory?

It’s funny you know I don’t really have one, it’s so not who I am about. But I do like my cowboy boots I have had several pairs made for me.

Do you have one feature in your home you love most?

Kitchen, i love to cook for people. It really does make me feel special when i can do that for someone.

Which foods and drinks most excite your taste buds?

My god I’m Italian, I love all food and all drink, if it’s on the table ill eat it.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Massage every week and a facial every 2 weeks; I’ve done it for years.

Greatest lesson learnt?

Don’t allow someone else control your business details.

What advice would you give someone if they were thinking of a career in your industry?

Stick it out… It pays off in the long run, crap money to begin with but show that you have passion and you will get the rewards, Big Time.

How do you maintain a life balance between work and home?

Not sure how to answer that, at this point in my career I don’t have a balance, but I’m happy with that as I’m a work horse, and I love going to work, I’m happy to work 10 to 12 hours a day and more if I could.

Which celebrity wardrobe would you love to raid and why?

Tom Ford, because he makes it look simple and easy, and that’s what it is all about for me. Plus I’ve always wanted to get into his pants.

How did you get into doing what you do?

Well funny you ask that, I often think the same thing but it always comes back to arriving in Sydney from the country and not knowing what i could do, i knew I could plat a horses tail and do a great braid as well, so i decided to become a hairdresser and remember there were lots of apprenticeships back then so it was easy.

My Mother/Father always told me…

You’re on your own.

Is there a charity/cause that is close to you and if so, why?

I’m a ambassador for the Ted Noffs Foundation, i want to help this cause as they look after kids with drug related problems and people shy away from these issues, it could have been me if I didn’t get that guiding hand, at a crucial age.

Where is your favourite place to relax in Sydney?

Fratelli Paradiso in Challis Ave Potts Point. Love Love Love this place!

How often do you eat out and cook at home?

Just about every night, i don’t like to cook for my self so i go out.

The one thing I can’t leave home without is…

My Dog Stud, i did once and i never forgave myself. I’m a bad father some times. I forget about him and his needs.

What frustrates you most about Sydney?

Nothing I love it and everything about it, we are so lucky to live in the most amazing city.

If you were Clover Moore, what would be the first thing you’d inject money into fixing?

My Fashion sense and updating my resume, she is doing a dreadful job and should be voted out.

Favourite beach in Sydney and why?

I hate the beach I find it such a waste of time sitting there doing nothing. Plus I can’t swim.

Three pet hates?

1. Boring people

2. Bad manners

3. Untidy people

What is your one diva demand?

I don’t wait in line for anything or anyone, EVER.

Where would be your ultimate holiday destination?

Ok I love Paris, I could live there forever.

When was the last time you cried? If you wish to divulge, why?

God I cry all the time I’m a big sook. But I won’t tell you why i last cried because I’ll cry again, I love crying. It’s good for you.

What car do you drive, best thing about the car and why you bought it?

I don’t drive I have a full time car service and its fab, I love Phil the driver he has looked after me for so long I wouldn’t know what to do without him anymore.

Your best grooming tip?

Get a hair cut.


Troy Thompson’s Guide To The Younger You

August 30th, 2010

Last week, Troy Thompson launched his exciting new book, Guide To The Younger You.

A fantastic book showing you all the ways you can look, feel and live better, ultimately making you be a younger you.

In depth on all topics from dressing, to hair and skin, all the way to injectables like Botox, Troy has all the information and advice you need to help you with looking and feeling younger.

Inspired by the involvement with TV show 10 Years Younger In 10 Days and the unfortunate loss of his best friend to Cancer, Troy felt compelled to collaborate all his best advice and research on making you look and feel younger on the outside – but it wasn’t just that, it was how he could also make you feel better from the outside in.

After having a read through this book, each of the chapters involve some of Australia’s leading professionals in their field, with some great tips and advice from the likes of Will Fennell, Samantha Wills, Jenny Craig, Dr. Gerarchi from The Face Institute and L’Oreal.

Visit www.TroyThompson.com.au for more information, his blog and to purchase the book.