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NaraCamicie Flagship Store Opens In Paddington – Meet The Owners

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

It’s finally here in Australia – and here to stay and spoil us rotten with quality, Italian style and design.

Naturally I’m talking about NaraCamicie, the Italian label which has taken most countries of the world by storm!

Right here in Paddington, Sydney, store owners Angela and Alex opened Australia’s flagship store. It’s an edgy and funky store with everything so easily to see and feel – it’s quite a sensory experience.

I caught up with Alex and Angela at the store to talk all things NaraCamicie and fashion.

How NaraCamicie start and why did you decide to launch the brand in Australia?

We came across the brand while honeymooning in Italy and specifically Venice in 2006. We were instantly captivated by the quality, styles and price range. We ended up purchasing many shirts and after arriving back to Australia we were continuously receiving positive feedback every time we wore a Nara shirt. It was obvious to us that there was a gap in the Australian market for European style shirts. After many visits to Italy we decided that it was time to take the big step to launch the brand to the Australian market in 2012. We carefully studied what other brands were offering and again it was very clear that Australians were in need of something different. This was what prompted us to launch.

 Where is NaraCamicie stocked overseas?

There are over 600 stores worldwide. All over Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as Africa. There are more stores opening monthly in every major city around the world.

Do you think it will have the same success here in Australia?

Our sydney flagship store has been open for 2.5 months now and the response has been fantastic. NaraCamicie has been a success all around the world and we truly believe Australia will be as well. Many Australians that have travelled abroad have come in the store or contacted us via email and phone, expressing their excitement that finally their favourite shirt brand has reached the Australian shores. It is only a matter of time that NaraCamicie becomes the authoritarian in the shirt industry in Australia.

There has been a positive reaction to the brand with stylists and celebrities visiting the store. Why do you think the brand is attracting these influential people? What is the ultimate goal for the brand?

They are attracted because simply Naracamicie offers something unique and the styles and cuts are very European. There are over 200 styles of shirts offered per season from casual, business, evening and formal. Nara has been for many years present in all major publications around the world, numerous fashion shows and has been established in the fashion world for 28 years.

Are you planning on opening more stores in Australia? When and where could we expect to see them?

We are planning on opening in every major city in Australia in the next 5 years. New Zealand is also of interest.

How do you think the fashion industry differs to that of Europe?

Australian fashions tends to be more conservative and simple. There is however a desire for different styles that are more colourful and edgy. Nara offers exactly that.

The store fit-out in Paddington is very modern and edgy. Do you find that this is reminiscent of the exceptional European style and design?

The Nara store concept is the forefront of designer shop fitting. Designed by a leading Italian architect, it is simple and elegant, modern and edgy and gives emphasis to the beautiful shirts displayed. The comments we have received from customers and other retailers is that they have never seen anything like it!

Reasonably priced fashion, excellent quality and Italian made – do you think these are the three things that shoppers in Sydney look for? What else do Sydney shoppers look for do you think?

We believe that Sydney shoppers are continuously searching for something that is priced correctly, is of outstanding proven quality and at the same time unique. We have had customers come back to tell us that the feedback they received when wearing one of our shirts was amazing. Whoever wears a Nara shirt is noticed simply because the patterns and fabrics of a Nara shirt is fresh to the Australian market.

What styles and colours will we expect to see in the new season?

Our current spring/summer collection focuses on bright colors and flora prints without stemming away from the traditional whites.

For our upcoming autumn/winter collection darker hues and simple black and whites are back in. Grandpa collars for men and satin prints and frill shirts for women will be evident.

Over 150 styles for both women and men will be available.

What is your personal style, when you are socialising or at events and not in the store?

Smart casual, chic and edgy. We do not only sell Nara shirts, we also love wearing them!

What is a MUST HAVE item for guys and girls this season from NaraCamicie?

Guys: definitely short sleeve grandpa collar shirt

Girls: 3/4 floral print shirt

For more information or to buy online, visit

Store address: Shop 1, 412 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW.

For media inquiries, please contact Pink Pony PR –

Individually Handcrafted Nicaraguan Hammocks from The Toucan Shop

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Beautiful, practical, luxurious, handmade and fair trade. These are the ultimate outdoor summer MUST HAVE!

The Toucan Shop in Sydney imports directly from artisans in Latin America, so you can be sure all of the products have an individual look and feel, are 100 per cent handmade and 100 per cent fair trade.

They have just received a container full of hammocks, hammock chairs and baby swings. The hammocks are 100 per cent cotton, individually crafted in Nicaragua and come in an array of amazing colours and a variety of sizes and styles. These Nicaraguan hammocks are world famous for their style, elegance and comfort.

Hammocks and hammock chairs are not only a great place to kick back and relax – they can make a stunning focus piece in any home, indoors or out. I will most certainly be getting myself one for the holiday house – I have a perfect place for it out on the terrace!

Designers can even design their own hammocks… anything is possible! And that I love!

Prices start at $99 and go up to $7500.

The Toucan Shop –

Is It Concrete? Is It River Stone? Is It Granite? No, It’s Bio-Resin!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Danny Sheiner is quite a clever designer, who is inspired by the modern architecture of South America. I’ve never been to South America, but I can definately see his inspiration in his jewellery after looking at the concrete forms of Paulo Mendes de Rocha – a place where he found this inspiration.

The new CASA collection is made of bio-resin, which is a very unique non-toxic water based resin with the look and feel of river stone. The pattern and character of concrete/river stone is evident in the resin and is contrasted perfectly with recycled sterling silver. The bangle above is the favourite of mine in the collection, but I do advise you check out his entire range, because he has so much to offer for every person, every mood and every budget.

You can view the CASA collection at Mrs Red and Sons in Surry Hills, MCA Store at The Rocks, Punch Gallery in Balmain or on the website: