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An Astounding Armchair – Kartell & Paul Smith Collaborate

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Kartell has presented the new POP sofa and armchair with Limited Edition Paul Smith fabric covers. With only 50 of them in the world, we have them all here in Australia!

Elegant but comfortable, chic but durable, the POP sofa and armchair with a transparent or black frame fits in perfectly with any environment. Perfect for young and dynamic surroundings.

Composed of transparent polycarbonate single-seat modules which can be placed side by side to create the sofa’s solid frame: backrest, seat (also made of plastic slats) and armrests. Pop shatters preconceived ideas of the rigidity of plastic, offering itself as a comfortable and indestructible industrial upholstered sofa that stands up to shocks and heavy use. There cushions are large and are filled with soft goose feathers.

Designed by Piero Lissoni with Carlo Tamborini.

Price: Armchair $1,995, 2 seat sofa $3,995 and 3 seat sofa $5,995.

Available to purchase from Kartell, Westfield Bondi Junction

Space Furniture Now Stock The Amazing Nemo Driade By Fabio Novembre

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

This absolutely stunning armchair is one of the latest creations to hit our shores called Nemo Driade, designed by Fabio Novembre.

Made of polyethylene, the neutral and smooth face leaves a lasting impression. Use indoors or outdoors, sitting inside this emotionless face is an absolute privilege. Minimalist class, superior design.

This amazing armchair is available at Space Furniture for $2615.

Thinking Of A Unique Rug For The House?

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Ok, so this one is going to stir the Greenie pot, but before I go any further, these animals are from domestic farms or from population control programs because believe it or not, as beautiful as a creature may be, these particular ones are regarded as pests in South Africa in some regions. These animals are not endangered or protected.

Moving past this, the Zebra skin available at Space furniture is one of those things you look at and think, WOW. It’s a glorious creature, which you feel sorry for, but then look at and appreciated it’s beauty.

I need not say more, but if this is something you are into, you can’t go past it. Simply stunning and a simple $4,850.

Gold Satin Chantilly For Edra At Space

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Edra is known globally by every celebrity, royal or super wealthy person. Edra does not come cheap.

Pictured above is the stunning piece from the Edra brand, called Chantilly.

It’s obvious why it’s called Chantilly. It’s smooth and flowing material runs down the frame, much like it’s creamy and edible counterpart. It’s centre rises to a leather peak.

Made of gold satin, it evokes many different feelings and emotions when you look at it, then touch it. It’s like sexy and seductive lingerie… It’s like a couture gown, ready to be taken off… It’s a very arousing piece of furniture that would become a centerpiece in any environment.

The shimmering gold satin, captures the lights, it sparkles at you like the sun reflecting off a calm sea.

I don’t have much more to say about it… Apart from the fact that I feel in love… Like Chantilly, you want to eat it up.

But you might want to ask for the price tag before you take a bite into it’s flowing skin. For only $54,145 this lounge could be all yours. Go on… you know you want it.

Photos by Adrian Erdedi

Philippe Starck’s Miss Lacy

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Words cannot describe how much I love this chair (not as much as my Konstantin Grcic chairs at home!).

This is a creation from Philippe Starck for Driade, called Miss Lacy. The stainless steel legs and stainless steel cast floral pattern seat make the chair not only comfortable, but it leaves an amazing floral print on your back, butt and thighs.

When you first pick up the chair, you notice the weight. You can always judge a strong and sound product by it’s weight, especially chairs. It’s like when you shut the door on a European car and get that heavy thud. It’s the sound of quality.

They would make the ultimate dining chairs in a very crisp and clinical home, with a crystal dining table – these chairs are the feature of a room and you can’t take that away from them – especially for $6,130 each at Space Furniture on O’Riordan St, Alexandria.