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Spanish Cuisine At It’s Best – Albondigas Con Patatas

September 23rd, 2011


Something my Spanish Grandmother always made, then my own mother always made was albondigas con patatas – something I never ever got sick of. And never will.

I need to be completely honest with you though – I don’t really know what the ingredients are. It’s one of those things I’ve never tried to make because I know it will never be like mum’s.

But what I do know, it is has big, juicy meat balls made with a concoction of spices and a sauce made with lots of different things, including peas and fried potato. In this photo, the potatos were put on top, but they are traditionally fried first and put in with the sauce and meat balls to soak up the flavours.

One of my most favourite Spanish dishes of all! Finding a good authentic one is hard, but when you find it, the rich flavours will have you hooked!