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Fine Food and Fine Wine in Surry Hills

September 20th, 2013

Looking for a fantastic night out? Fancy filling that night with great people who love and appreciate food, wine and service? Well I think you should join Sydney Morning Herald’s restaurant critic, Terry Durack and columnist, Jill Dupleix on Monday 30 September and be one of the first to experience Nomad, a cellar door in the city where patrons will be able to sample the best of what is new and exciting in Australian wine.

Date: Monday 30 September
Time: 6.30pm
Location: Nomad – 16 Foster St, Surry Hills
Cost: $115 for 6 course dinner with matching wines.
BOOK NOW: 02 9282 3331

I will hopefully see you there for laughs, food, wine and fun!



Amazing Online Shopping Experience With Avenue 24

April 17th, 2012

One of the best, if not the best websites I’ve ever seen is a popular fashion hub which I’ve recently come across, www.Avenue24.com.au.

This website was launched in 2011 and is a shopping platform which is interactive and cleverly animated, containing all of the fabulous elements of a boutique shopping experience in some of Sydney’s very best locations.

You can browse and purchase quality and luxury items from these boutiques, which make you feel like you are virtually there.

It needs to be seen and experienced to be believed. It really has so much attention to detail, plus awesome products and specials that everyone can be a part of.

Be sure to see for yourself – www.Avenue24.com.au

Szilvia Gyorgy’s Hand Thrown Masterpieces

October 1st, 2010

If you read the Abode section of this site, you will know I love perfect lighting, unique lighting and mood lighting.

I was shopping at Planet during the week and was drawn to the amazing display of lamps to the right hand side of the entrance to the divine store.

Szilvia Gyorgy is the designer of these amazing hand thrown porcelain lights. They are hand thrown, cut and altered. There are gaps throughout it which diffuse light beautifully, creating a warm and wholesome ambiance.

The tea lights start from $77, then the lamps range from $300 to $800.

Definately a beautiful artwork which would display perfectly on a tall pedestal in a hallway as a sculpture and a light.

Have a closer look at them at Planet – 114 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills – (02) 9211 5959


Photos by Adrian Erdedi

Falling In Love With Tobias Grau

June 21st, 2010

Falling In Love has never been easier. One look at it and you’re hooked. You are falling and falling and falling in love.

Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme – I didn’t fall in love that much with this light, but I have to say I do like it very much. It’s just so simple. It’s a polished black or silver aluminium sphere, with a black, yellow or red cable and blue or black nest.

Nest? What’s a nest? The next is the little piece of rubber that sits under the sphere to keep it in place and stabilised. No one wants a $649 light rolling off and smashing off the side table do they now?!

It’s a versatile light, you can use it to direct light on a specific item, you can light up a dull wall, a picture or painting, a corner or a shelf. You can use it as mood lighting or as a reading lamp. Point it where you want, because the LED’s light up so perfectly.

It’s easy to use with smooth touch buttons concealed cleanly on the back of the sphere.

Available at ECC in Darlinghurst.

The Angle Bed At Planet Furniture

June 10th, 2010

I’m always trying to find unique pieces for the home, whether it’s for the lounge room, kitchen, or bedroom. I’ve found this incredible ‘Angle’ bed at Planet with is superbly made, designed and looks amazing.

The strength and density of spotted gum, with it’s sharp elegantly angled legs make this a rare piece for the bedroom. It’s the legs on an angle that make you do a double-take, wondering how the hell the bed balances this way! Most other timbers wouldn’t allow you to give the legs such a dramatic angle, but being a native Australian hardwood, spotted gum allows you to do this as it is about 3 times denser than most other hardwoods form around the world. Also with the legs angling in as they do, you are less likely to hit your feet on the bed when walking around it, which I have done many times.

It’s a very sleek and modern design that doesn’t take up too much space and has quite an understated impact. This is mainly due to the mirrored angle of the legs and the headboard reducing the impact of the mattress, making the bed appear smaller than it is. The bed I’ve pictured above is a Queen, but store owner Ross said “many people have mistaken it for a double due to this design feature.”

All of Planet’s furniture is made to order and they are always able to tailor each piece to best suit its intended space. Spotted gum comes in a range of tones, from light through to dark, figured or without and cooler or warmer tones, all of which can be specified when ordering. This gives you an amazing choice to suit any scheme and taste.

Queen size Angle bed is $3900 and King size Angle bed is $4200. Double and single also available.


Photos by Adrian Erdedi

Eccentric Glamour On An Armhair At Edit

June 8th, 2010

EDIT is renowned for their stunning designs and creative fabrics, which are so elegant, yet somewhat scream eccentricity.

This simply stunning upholstered wingback ‘Chandelier’ arm chair is one of the standout pieces inside the store. Made from hemp, it’s natural, comfortable and made by skilled and passionate Australians.

Imagine this armchair in a stark white modern room, begging for one piece of standout furniture with colour, but also character. Or imagine it inside a bleached timber Hampton’s style home with white exposed beams, natural carpets, books, lamps and a glass of Scotch swirling away by the fire. Divine.

Upholstered Wingback armchair in EDIT ‘Chandeliers’ hemp – $2,900.

Have a look at this amazing piece at the EDIT store in Surry Hills.


Crazy Chandelier By Serien Called Poppy Deck

May 25th, 2010

Intricately decorated, this funky looking, almost crazy Alice in Wonderland styled chandelier is the creation of Ulrich Beckert and Georg Soanca-Pollack called Poppy Deck/Wand by Serien.

The extravagant chandelier has 15 arms with hand-blown glass and flexible bi-metal leaves. The amazing thing is that the leaves open up a couple of minutes after the light is switched on.

It’s kooky and and slightly eccentric, but it’s just beautiful and so well made. Definately a piece to draw attention in most homes. It commands alot of attention! Something else that will get your attention is the price – $3799.

You can see it at ECC Lighting and Furniture on Flinders St, Darlinghurst.

Photos by Adrian Erdedi

Optimist Or Pessimist…

April 23rd, 2010

Which are you?

Something a little different, I really liked the symbolism behind it – because we can all be a little of the two. Here is a run-down by the designer on what this actually is:

“Is your glass half-empty or half-full? Hans Bølling created both of the two characters having been inspired by his co-workers, who were like night and day, yin and yang, truly exact opposites. There is, however, a bit of each in all of us. The Optimist and the Pessimist remind us of this quality within us and together they create a stability much needed in the every-day life.

What is more, both characters can express much more than positivity or negativity. The Pessimist features droopy eyes, while the Optimist has a big smile on his face and both feature bendable arms that can exclaim in joy or lower in frown.

Whether you are one or the other, the Optimist and the Pessimist express the possibility of change of your perception, depending on your current state of mind.”

Cute and just a little bit of fun.

Available at Spence & Lyda - 16 Foster Street, Surry Hills – (02) 9212 6747

Baubridge & Kay Cushions

April 20th, 2010

I found these luxurious Baubridge and Kay cushions tucked away at the back of the Planet store in Surry Hills.

They are made of silk and feel so plush and soft, they are the ultimate touch to a classically styled lounge room. Off-white and black striped, they are a timeless addition to your home, and mine for only $94!

Have a look at them in-store at 114 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills


Photos by Adrian Erdedi

First Look At The “Tio” Range At Spence & Lyda

April 13th, 2010

Spence & Lyda are renowned for bringing the latest and coolest designs to Sydney from all over the world.

Their latest is the “Tio” collection, designed by Chris Martin for MASSPRODUCTIONS, a Swedish brand.

This is the first time the collection has been seen in Australia and this new outdoor setting has only just arrived in the country, so you have seen it here first! There are the deck chairs, and also the table and chairs available.

The table and chairs are made of bent steel, using a controlled wire bending machine, before being assembled and welded by hand. All the chairs are stackable and the table is easily folded.

Visit the Spence & Lyda store at 16 Foster Street, Surry Hills to see and play with the setting. It is comfortable, classic and tactile furniture which is high quality.

Get Your Edit Timber Humbug Chairs

April 12th, 2010

A gracious store located in the chic middle section of the Crown Street vicinity on Albion Street is a store called Edit.

Edit is a very unique store to Sydney, starting from the owner to it’s products. Owned by Sharyn Storrier Lyneham, who is the former editor of Vogue Entertaining & Travel and Vogue Living. When I walked into the store knowing this, I expected alot from it. When I walked into the store, all my expectations were met.

The first thing you’ll notice is the smell. A beautiful Marc Jacobs fragrance diffuser, it set the mood for me and what was to be expected around ever turn in the store. There is colour everywhere – more colour then I have ever seen in a store. It works and it works beautifully.

The store is full of furniture, sculptures, lamps and other amazing pieces which you don’t know where to start looking. Most of the furniture is pre-owned, then turned into a masterpiece after the team at Edit get their hands on it. Covering it in their own fabrics which they design and make, the outcome is a piece of high fashion furniture with old-world charm.

I’ll be featuring pieces from the store over the coming weeks, but I thought I would start with one of the most striking to me, the Timber Humbug chairs, retailing for $990 each.

137 Albion Street (between Riley and Crown), Surry Hills – (02) 9358 5806


Is It Concrete? Is It River Stone? Is It Granite? No, It’s Bio-Resin!

April 8th, 2010

Danny Sheiner is quite a clever designer, who is inspired by the modern architecture of South America. I’ve never been to South America, but I can definately see his inspiration in his jewellery after looking at the concrete forms of Paulo Mendes de Rocha – a place where he found this inspiration.

The new CASA collection is made of bio-resin, which is a very unique non-toxic water based resin with the look and feel of river stone. The pattern and character of concrete/river stone is evident in the resin and is contrasted perfectly with recycled sterling silver. The bangle above is the favourite of mine in the collection, but I do advise you check out his entire range, because he has so much to offer for every person, every mood and every budget.

You can view the CASA collection at Mrs Red and Sons in Surry Hills, MCA Store at The Rocks, Punch Gallery in Balmain or on the website:


You’ve Urnt It…

March 17th, 2010

At the moment, I’m in love with urns on pedestals. They are such an opulent touch to any courtyard, terrace, patio, garden or even inside the house, in the foyer, corridors or indoor gardens.

I’ve found a great retailer of urns and pedestals of all shapes, sizes and prices. The Yardware store on O’Riordan St in Alexandria is a mecca containing all things gracious and regal for your outdoor living – and even indoor if you choose.

One of my favourties is the Aves Bird Urn on Spring Pedestal Stand. You could place it anywhere and it would instantly transform a middle-class space to a grand space.

If you get the chance to visit this store, it’s well worth a look at all the amazing concrete, sandstone and aged materials used to create such stunning pieces.

Yardware – 6 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria – (02) 9310 2666

FLATS – What’s Your Flavour?

March 16th, 2010

On the weekend I bought this great product called FLATS, by Fine Fettle.

They are like big square chips, but are so damn tasty, and so healthy!

I bought the Sweet Corn and Paprika snacks, the following indredients are listed on the back of the packet:

Corn, Linseed, Red Onion, Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice, Water, Garlic, Parsley, Sea Salt, Paprika, Spices, Love & Lots of Taste.

Now does that not sound like the yummiest and healthiest snack out there?!

Other flavours include Tomato & Basil and Zucchini & Almond.

You can buy them for $8.50 at healthyu, health food store owned by Dr. Kerryn Phelps, located at St Margarets, 421 Bourke Street, Surry Hills – (02) 9332 0444

Chorizo & Thyme Roll – Bourke St Bakery

March 15th, 2010

On occasion, I enjoy going to Bourke St Bakery and joining the masses of people who line up (I don’t enjoy that bit) to get into the tiny bakery cafe on the corner of Devonshire and Bourke St, Surry Hills.

I will always get the same thing. A chorizo and thyme roll. Its a knotted roll with thick slices of chorizo and thyme. There is a sweet and piquant taste through the roll, which always leaves me wanting more. The bread is always soft inside, and crusty on the outside. Always cooked to perfection!

If I’m feeling a little piggish, I’ll get myself a Chocolate Tart or their amazing Chocolate Meringue which is gooey inside and absolutely delicious (Ask at the counter as it’s not always on the menu).

Agave – Authentic Mexican Cuisine and Décor

March 15th, 2010

Walking towards Agave, you notice the small shop front and warehouse facade of the block of where it resides on Crown Street, Surry Hills. When you walk in the door and you are immediately welcomed to a large split leveled, uniquely styled restaurant. A Mexican style with deep earthy colours, bright blues, oranges and greens and a pleasant maître d’.

I arrived with my close friend Alasdair who asked for a table for two. After a quick look around, the restaurant appeared to be quite busy, but there was a table waiting for us downstairs near the kitchen.

As you walk down the stairs you can’t help but to look around the restaurant, paying close attention to the collection of hand painted Talavera plates, the fabrics and this huge Aztec calendar sculpture on the left at the entrance. Owners Jo and Gerardo made a conscious effort to make the restaurant as authentic in style, as in taste.

We sat at our table quickly and got straight into it. Drinks!

As a non-beer drinker, I thought I would try a Mexican beer. The Pacifico Clara to be exact. As a non-beer drinker, I didn’t really enjoy it, so I went for a great glass of the Evans & Tate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc which went down an absolute treat!

Ordering the appetiser was easy – Queso Fundido. Chorizo, chilli and mushrooms folded through warm cheese and served with tortillas and pico de gallo (Spicy chicken). Delicious and big enough to share between the two of us.

Our mains came in good time. Enough time to digest, and enough time to not wonder where our food was. We were enjoying the environment we were in, and watching the drunken table of ten across from us.

I had the Pollo En Mole Poblano, chicken simmerd in mexican sauces, with spices, dried chillis and cocao served on green rice. Alasdair got the Molcajetes, seared king prawns, lamb, guacamole, green rice, salsa, fetta and totillas. We both enjoyed our meals very much. Suprisingly, with all the mention of spices and chilli, our meals had a really lovely subtle taste. My chicken was tender, and absoletely cooked to perfection. I stole one of Alasdair’s prawns when I told him to look up the stairs because Hugh Jackman walked in. Of course I lied. But the prawn was succulent. He mentioned he throughly enjoyed the lamb mixed with everything else on the tortilla.

We skipped desserts and went to the Dolphin Hotel next door for a drink instead.

Will I go back again? Absolutely. I need to try the desserts!

Did I think it was over-priced? Not at all. Appertisers are all $12 and mains from $22 up to $28. Wines by the glass, $6-$12.

What did I think of the atmosphere and service? It had a great warm and homely atmos, and the service was good.

Final say: An enjoyable meal and drinks, at a great Mexican restaurant, without all the tackiness of a typical Mexican restaurant with a shop-a-docket theme.

2/410 Crown Street, Surry Hills – (02) 9326 9072