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Vistosi’s Lichena Collection Plays With Light and Silhouette

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

A few years ago, I went to Switzerland in the middle of summer. I visited Mt Titlis, and at the top of the mountain it was snowing and there was an ice cave. Plunging from the roof were sparkling ice stalictites, refracting light from every angle. It was just amazing!

So it was obvious that when I saw the new Lichena lighting collection from Murano glass manufacturer Vistosi, I would fall in love.

Made from crystal glass, the dramatic yet delicate lights can add a really glamorous touch to a home that is appropriately decorated.

Designed by Mauro Olivieri, the collection is edgy and contemporary, it was unveiled for the first time in Milan at Euroluce during Salone del Mobile, the Lichena collection embodies pure form with texture and transparency, enabling an intricate interplay between light and silhouettes through the crystal.

The collection of Lichena lamps is available in multiple fittings including as a floor, pendant, and suspension lamp.

Where Would I Rather Be?

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Photos by Adrian Erdedi

Where would I rather be? I’d rather be in Engelberg, Switzerland.

Probably the most breathtaking place I’ve ever been to in my life, the pictures I have taken myself speak for themselves.

I was once here, at the foot of Mt. Titlis and only a short drive from Lucerne, enjoying the pristine town know as Engelberg. It is one of the main ski resorts in Switzerland, so in Winter, it draws skiers from all over Europe, and the world. In Summer, it does much the same – visitors come here for the clean fresh air and the relaxing lifestyle.

Even in the middle of Summer, it still is buzzing with life. Jeans and a light sweater with do you just fine as it is still chilly during the days. Come to night, and you’ll need to rug up and put on a few layers. There’s no snow at the foot of the mountain, but it is equally just as beautiful.

Take the gondola from Engelberg to the top of the snow-capped Mt. Titlis, which plummets 3,239m out of the ground into the sky! About a 15-20 minute gondola ride to the top, you are able to go tobogganing, check out the Titlis Glacier Cave or have a quaint lunch at the Swiss restaurant after getting costumed photos taken. The air, the scenery – it’s all just breathtaking.

As you go back down the gondola, you hear the sound of clunky bells. All you can see are beautiful cows (Yes cows!), like the ones you’d see on a dairy milk chocolate commercial. Cute brown cows with big cow bells. It’s an astonishing site. You expect to see Julie Andrews come out and swirl around the fields.

This place is simply spectacular, if you are in Switzerland, make sure you go to the amazing city of Lucerne, but if you’re in Lucerne, it is mandatory that you come to Engelberg. I promise you would have never seen anything so picturesque in your whole life.

My pictures prove it.

Photos by Adrian Erdedi