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Super Cool Scratchie Cards

March 23rd, 2010

When I buy cards for people, whether it be for their Birthday or a thankyou, I always look for a really nice unique one, that is either handmade, really rare or just unique.

Well I have found this super cool range of cards for me to buy from now on.

T-MOD have these wonderfully cool scratchie cards, which feature old world mechanical illustrations of hot air balloons, cuckcoo clocks, surreal landscapes of ballerinas and unicycles.

The range includes ‘thankyou’, ‘happy birthday’ and ‘thinking of you’ cards with various varieties available.

So the cool bit is there is a metal heart charm attached to it, which you pick off and use it to scratch off the silver and reveal the graphic or message beneath. The cards are made in Australia and available in galleries, boutique fashion, book and homeware stores.

Have a look at the website to see the handful of awesome stores that stock these clever cards!