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New Trend In Lighting Design – Muuto E27 Rope Pendant

Monday, February 21st, 2011

After visiting a trade show last week, I noticed a new trend here in Australia for lighting within the home. It seems to be everywhere and many designer lighting stores are stocking or have stocked the new Muuto E27 Pendant Lamps available in many different colours. Designed by Mattias Stahlbom.

It’s simple. Rope with a bulb. With a splash of colour. It couldn’t get more simple then that.

It’s contemporary and versatile. You can use it in many different ways to create an individual look in your home, office or store. Tie it in knots, have some short and some long, have one or have many clumped together – the options are limitless. You can also buy special light bulbs which have an intricate light wire which looks phenomenal!

Available to purchase from Top 3 by Design for $158 each. Many colours to choose from.

Save Your Herbs With The Eva Solo Flower Pot At Top 3!

Friday, December 17th, 2010

After I finished having my apartment renovated, I got the balcony done. Waterfall, dining table and chairs and pots, urns and potplants. On one end, I had 6 pots of herbs, because they are aromatic, they look cute and I love using them in my cooking!

Unfortunately, after about 6 weeks, every herb died. To follow that… The rest of the plants died. Evergreens! I thought they were never meant to die!! No one told me I had to water plants ALL the time!

Well now I have a good excuse to try the herb garden again. Plus it is also a great gift idea this Christmas. So what is this amazing device that will keep my herbs ALIVE?

Designed by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbaek for Eva Solo is the Eva Solo Flowerpot, a self-watering pot to keep your plants ALIVE!!!

Ok, so it does require a little bit of work – you need to fill the clear vase under the pot with water once every 7-10 days.

The way it works is with a wick that hangs from the bottom of the pot into the vase below. The vase in the base of the pot holds the water for the wick to bring up to the soil as the plant requires it. Very much like those citronella lanterns. It is the most simple idea, made funky, made well and affordable.

What I also love about these pots is that you don’t just use them for herbs, you can put them anywhere around the house and not have to worry about drips, drops and stains.

A really great idea is to use them on your bedside table, add some contrast and texture to your room.

Available for $60 at Top 3 by Design –