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Eveleigh West Hollywood

August 9th, 2013

Amazing food, amazing vibe – love this place! It’s EVELEIGH in West Hollywood.
Also love this urchin, delicious!



June 10th, 2013


MAGNIFICENT Monarch of the Commonwealth realms, Queen of the United Kingdom, Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith, sensationally celebrating 60 years since her Coronation on the 2nd of June 1953 with 2012 marking her Diamond Jubilee as queen, married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, since 1947 and mother of Heir apparent Charles, Prince of Wales, grandmother to Prince William and (His Royal Hotness) Prince Harry… QUEEN ELIZABETH II!

FUN FACTS: The Queen opened the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Paralympics in London making her the first head of state to open two Olympic Games in two different countries!


Underbelly Star Natasha Leigh Stars In New UK TV Show!

November 29th, 2012


Australian beauty Natasha Leigh is about to star in one of the UK’s most popular TV shows as a new Doctor. Natasha has been in the UK just a few months, yet she is already turning heads and making her mark.  When attending the UK’s Inside Soap Awards Natasha was named ‘best dressed’ by both Boohoo and Reveal Magazine!  She also caught up with fellow actors at the awards, Chris Milligan & Tom Oliver, she also shared the screen with Chris Milligan in Overture.

In Holby City Natasha plays a feisty Doctor Lilah Birdwood, who left Australia to escape the disapproving eyes of her former colleagues in Australia. When Lilah’s affair with a married consultant was exposed, they turned their backs on her and threatened to end her career.  Dr Birdwood is at the hospital as a CTI Doctor and is desperate to make the cut as a surgeon. She is determined not to let anyone get in her way; but how far will she go?

This is the first UK Television role for actress Natasha Leigh who plays the confident young Doctor, having had success in prime time Australian shows such as the hugely popular ‘Neighbours’, ‘Underbelly: Golden Mile’, ‘Bogan Pride’, ‘City Homicide’ and ‘Cops’ (as Natasha Cunningham). On Lilah, Natasha says “she is at Holby City Hospital to prove herself. She’s a great character to play.”


1. What an incredible role to land! Congratulations on the lead role in Holby City! How did this role come about?

Thank you!  It was so surreal how it all happened. I was in LA & I taped my audition in my friends kitchen. Came back to Australia & put down a couple more scenes with my parents acting opposite me! Then did an interview with the producers on Skype! An hour later I got the role and two weeks later I was here in the UK!

2. When you found out you got the role, what was your first reaction and how did you celebrate?

I started crying when i heard! (this industry is a rollercoaster & I feel very blessed when I get a chance to work)  In terms of celebrating – my girlfriends and I shared a nice bottle of Billecart-Salmon Rose Champagne! My absolute favourite!!

3. You’ve had some pretty great roles on Australian TV. Have you found many differences in working with Australian and UK based production companies?

The more I travel, the more I realise that although Australia is amazing; it is just an island on the ‘other side of the world’. We are very disconnected to what is happening everywhere else, so actors Must travel to really have a shot of going big! I also believe most Australians are down to earth, fun, friendly people; so we are easy to work with.

4. You have a solid fan base in Australia, and in the UK through Australian shows. What do you think makes yourself and so many actors like you so popular in countries like the UK and USA?

I think every actor has to have some qualities similar to your character. Johnny Depp has a great quote  – “with any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying” . I am like Lilah as in I am very passionate & sometimes intense, but for the most part, we are both just fun loving Aussie women.

5. You’ve played a few different types of roles, what has been your favourite and what types of roles do you get really passionate about?

I have played some very interesting roles! I don’t really have a favourite because they are all so different, but they are always Intense, Raw, Vulnerable and Honest. I love roles you can get your teeth into & test yourself as an artist.

6. What was it like working with Lou Carpenter on Neighbours? Come on… Tell us the truth!

He is lovely really!  I actually live down the road from him, so we are constantly bumping into each other at the corner store!

7. Which foods and drinks most excite your taste buds?

Food wise, anything with basil & salt, I Love.  I make my own pesto & use it with pasta dishes, pizza, tapas with cheese..   drinks, I love champagne & a nice subtle pinot noir.

8. What is your favourite thing to cook – if you cook?

I do cook, a lot! I really enjoy being in the kitchen, my whole family does. The most enjoyable time is Christmas when four generations of women make our secret recipe version of the Traditional Christmas Pudding

9. What is your favourite piece of clothing or accessory?

Besides my Jimmy Choos, which are amazing to wear.. I’d say a few good scarves are essential to any wardrobe. They add texture & colour to any outfit, worn around your neck, belted, caped… & can be used to protect against the sun & wind!  Perfect accessory!

10. Which celebrity wardrobe would you love to have and why?

Marion Cotilard always seems to nail her outfits! Simple, chic, sexy with edge…there is something slightly off centre which is absolutely my style !!

11. Is there a feature in your home you love most?

I love to have water around me (I’m a Pisces/Gemini), so being in harmony with my environment is very important to me. I have a glass fountain near the back window which I love to sit by and read. Perfect place to zone out.

12. Where did you grow up and what did you love about growing up there?

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It was lovely to be in between the bush & ocean. It definitely keeps you in touch with nature, though at times I used to crave the city life.

13. Favourite place to relax in Australia or the world?

In Australia is would be the mountains near Byron Bay, it’s such a vortex there, you go to another world with its lusciousness.  I’m yet to visit New York, which I think will one day be my home.

14. What is your great extravagance?

My Career!  I have sacrificed a lot & invested everything into my career. It’s just what you do when you find something you love & are passionate about, but it can at times be very demanding.

15. This one thing you can’t leave home without is…

Sunglasses! I always wear them. Because my eye colour are so light & almost yellow… they are very sensitive to light. They also complete any outfit & adds a bit of flair!


Palm Beach Collection – The New Luxury Scented Experience

October 4th, 2012

Any reader of my blog, or anyone they knows me personally will know there is one luxury that I don’t mind spending money on… Candles.

If I could, I would have scented candles burning around me 24/7. I love them. They make me feel different and special things, they transport me and they smell absolutely divine!

But they only smell divine if you find the right ones… And as I’m always searching high and low for great candles, I have once again hit the big time on these ones. Palm Beach Collection.

Palm Beach Collection is an exquisite new eco-friendly Australian lifestyle product range for true lovers of contemporary style, with a feeling of indulgence.

The all-natural Palm Beach Collection range is luxurious yet affordable and consists of beautiful hand-poured scented candles and reed diffusers in an extensive array of delicious scents including Vintage Gardenia (my fave), Coconut & Lime, Pear & Cinnamon, Honey & Peach Blossom and Mint Leaf & Avocado.

I did my research and discovered what Palm Beach Collection was all about and who was behind it.  Brother and sister duo, Kirsten Walkerand Mike Grey developed this incredible collection of eco-friendly soy wax and essential oil candles with the landscapes of Sydney in mind.

Kirsten and Mike’s childhood was spent in the beachside surrounds of Avalon, Clareville and Palm Beach in Sydney, where their parents still reside. Palm Beach Collection is very proudly a family owned and run Australian business. The team are passionate about ensuring their product remains Australian made close to the shores of their beloved home in Sydney.

The clever pair have travelled the globe extensively over a number of years to research and develop what they believe to be the finest fragrance creations from leading international experts in the art of perfume. From humble beginnings as a start-up business less than three years ago, Palm Beach Collection is now recognised amongst the best Australian made and owned candle collections, with more than 400 stockists Australia wide.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Grey about Palm Beach Collection.

1. There are many candle collections out there, what makes your product different?

This is a very good question. I believe the story behind Palm Beach Collection and how we came about as a brand has a lot to do with creating our originality. Palm Beach Collection is not just a substandard product with a label slapped on its jar or bottle, we have created this collection with love- the love of family. The entire Palm Beach Collection team are family and we have created this together-family made and owned, it is truly a heart-warming story and I feel like this translates in our brand and product. We are an eco-friendly collection and use renewable supplies such as soy which is a big point of difference.

2. There is a luxurious beach Hamptons style feeling around the collection, have you purposely gone for this style? Is it one you live in your own life?

We love everything about the area we live in and we wanted to create a Palm Beach experience in every product we have. Our packaging and fragrances reflect our lifestyle and surroundings, being both beach and sophistication. I think this has caught the eye of Hampton enthusiasts but personally you can’t beat Palm Beach Sydney!

3. Scents trigger memories, especially candles for me. Do any of your candles bring back special memories?

Absolutely! I love how quickly I can be transported back to a time in the past just by scent. White Rose & Jasmine reminds me of our family garden where I grew up. The Jasmine is such a strong trigger that I literally visualise a certain day, just amazing. Mint Leaf & Avocado brings back Christmas for me as a small boy. I can remember the holidays and the excitement of the beach bringing back so many memories. Our scents have been created with this in mind, everyone has a history making each favourite so personal.

4. What is your inspiration behind each of the candle and diffuser concoctions?

We have been inspired by our surroundings here on the Australian Northern Beaches. Many native flower oils and beautiful citrus extracts accompanied by wooden base notes have helped create this. Mood plays a big part in the creation of a fragrance, like mentioned above scent does entice feelings through the senses. This is why I love this range, I can use a fragrance to create mood or to alter it. We have also travelled extensively and taken ideas from European inspiration, some of the fragrances being developed in Europe are just superb. We like to look for points of difference to inspire us as well.

5. It’s hard to ask a mother or father which one of their kids is their favourite – but let’s be honest, they all do! Which is your favourite candle and diffuser?

Ha ha I love it, and may I say quite the fitting question as we are brother and sister! We all have our favourites and mine is White Rose & Jasmine in both the candle and the diffuser, I generally am not a floral lover but this fragrance I just can’t get enough of!

6. What is the most common piece of feedback you get about your collection?

Love the name, love the scents and love the packaging. Also what ideas have you got for the next candle fragrance?

7. Do you know of any celebrities/high profile people that use your products? If so who and is there a story behind that?

Nicole and Lionel Richie loved the candles while they were in Australia and took some back to the US with them, Australian Olympian Leisel Jones is a huge fan and Lara Bingle and her mum also love the brand!

8. What is next for Palm Beach Collection?

We are still growing as a business and we have started to export to Europe and the UK. Along with the launch of our E boutique just last month we have a some exciting things in the pipeline.

It is important to remain dynamic in this market so without giving to much away you can expect to see some amazing newness happen to the range in the next few months.

Expanding out into new countries and representing quality Australian made products in various markets is next. We want to be the best ambassadors for Australian made home fragrance products both at home and off shore.

The Palm Beach Collection prices range from $37.95 for the Candle Collection and Diffuser Collection through $109.95 for theDeluxe Candle range. With a growing selection of more than 20 divine fragrances such as Coconut & Lime, Tahitian Mango, French Vanilla and Sweet Basil & Citrus, Palm Beach Collection continues its rapid expansion with the launch of their first e-commerce store as well as more product lines currently under development and due for release soon.

Do yourself a favour and purchase one of these candles. I love them and am stocking up on them for summer!

TIP: Grab some of the smaller ones to take with you on holidays, I’ll be taking a few to Byron Bay this year. What this does is sets a scent and a memory – you’ll be able to take yourself back on holidays while you’re burning your candle at home or the office.

For more please visit www.palmbeachcollection.com.au


April 18th, 2012

Crack up comedian and for many years Co-Host of Australia’s Number One drive time radio show HAMISH & ANDY on the Today Network, co-host of the channel 7 variety TV show THE HAMISH & ANDY SHOW and the hilarious TV Specials CARAVAN OF COURAGE: UK & Ireland, CARAVAN OF COURAGE: USA, LEARN INDIA WITH HAMISH & ANDY (leading up to the 2010 Commonwealth Games), and the award winning HAMISH & ANDY’S GAP YEAR, plus guest star appearances on TV shows Rove Live, Spicks & Specks and Thank God You’re Here… HAMISH BLAKE!

FUN FACTS: Congratulations Hamish and co-star Andy lee on winning the 2012 Silver Logie Award for Most Popular Light Entertainment Program (HAMISH & ANDY’S GAP YEAR) and Hamish for being awarded the 2012 Most Popular personality on TV GOLD Logie!


Duran Duran New Video Clip – AMAZING!

November 11th, 2011


YouTube Preview Image

It’s Duran Duran’s new video clip for “Girl Panic”.

Filled with all the glitz and glamour you’d expect from the worlds most fabulous models, fashion and styling from the worlds most exquisite designers and it’s all the excess, luxury and living life in no other way but FABULOUS – this video IS the epitome of FABULOUS.

You need to watch this. Then watch it again. And again. And again. And obsess. And watch it again…


Woolmark Treasure Hunt at Westfield Sydney Campaign Launch

July 8th, 2011

On Thursday afternoon, I was thrilled to be one of a select group of Sydney’s fashion bloggers, gathering at Westfield Sydney to celebrate the launch of the Find Fashion By Feelings Campaign. Myself and other fellow bloggers scoured across the shopping centre following clues Tweeted out from www.twitter.com/welovewool #woolmarktreasurehunt and gathered treasures along the way.

I get invited to many events… but boy this one was the best by far!  Running around Westfield Sydney with my partner in crime Sydney Fashion Blogger, Antoinette Marie, following clues posted on Twitter, to find hidden balls of wool in the centre was incredible, fast paced and fabulously exhausting fun! But well worth every second of it.

It’s creative events like this that make campaigns successful.  They fused the raw fibre and social media together seamlessly!

In this instance, treasures didn’t take on the form of pots of gold or buried diamonds, instead we all pieced together clues to find little knitted balls, some embellished with beads and cute little pom poms!

The Woolmark Blogger Treasure Hunt marked the launch of the Find Fashion By Feelings campaign which has been created to engage fashion lovers from around the world on an emotional level, the ‘Find Fashion By Feelings’ Campaign asks the fashion savvy to post, tag and promote their style and share their love of wool.

From the UK, USA, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, ‘Find Fashion By Feelings’ is an interactive campaign which asks fashionistas to show how their look makes them feel.

What a fantastic day I had – and I have to say now as I type this, I’m completely buggered! Who would have thought running up and down the marble floors of Westfield Sydney could be so tiring?! I’d hate to think what it was like for Sydney Fashion Blogger who was in high-heels!!

Check out the campaign on www.fashionbyfeelings.com and read all about the competition in the post below.

WE LOVE WOOL! Find Fashion By Feelings

July 7th, 2011

Today, Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) launched ”Find Fashion by Feelings” and will run from July 7th to September 30th.

Fashionistas are invited to upload a picture of themselves wearing at least one piece of wool clothing which best describes any of the following ‘feelings’ :

Happy, Seductive, Cute, Beautiful, Nostalgic, Natural, Chic, Powerful, Loved, Dark, Active and Unique.

So what will the lucky entrant win?

The Grand Prize if the Winner lives in Australia includes: A $3,000 Westfield Shopping Gift Card, 6 nights in a 5 Star Sydney Hotel, domestic airfares (if needed), a visit to a Merino Farm (The visit will filmed and the video showcased online afterwards), a $6,000 Travel Voucher, 2 pairs of EMU Australia boots, a personal styling for the Winner and a dinner for two in Westfleld Sydney. How awesome is that!

There are also 12 weekly Prizes of a EMU Australia Prize Pack consisting of apparel and footwear, valued at $400 each.

A little background on Woolmark:

We all know the Woolmark brand is one of the most recognised textile symbols in the world. A product bearing the Woolmark logo indicates that it has been independently tested as a high quality woollen product with guaranteed fibre content.

The logo on a product provides consumers with an assurance of quality. AWI invests heavily in research, development and marketing along the global supply chain for Australian wool, from Woolgrowers, through to retailers.

Australia produces the finest Merino wool in the world. 100% natural, biodegradable & sustainable.

GET INVOLVED BY JOINING: www.facebook.com/welovewool


My Top 5 Favourite Songs Of ALL TIME. Song 5…

March 9th, 2011

I thought I would share with you my 5 favourite songs of ALL TIME over the next 5 weeks. Now that’s a huge call… But every single time I hear these songs, they all have complete control over me in some way.

So in no particular order, here is number 5.

Hometown Glory by Adele.

YouTube Preview Image

JING Tea – The Definitive Tea Experience – Great Christmas Gift Idea!

December 9th, 2010

Written by Adrian Erdedi for AdrianErdedi.com

Herbal teas are my absolute favourite little luxury, something that I can just relax with at time poor moments.

Getting the right tea is important. Buying quality makes the biggest difference and since buying JING Tea from the UK, it really is a different tea drinking experience for me.

A couple of months back, I was at The Westin in Sydney and the teas they serve are all supplied by JING. I was so impressed by everything about JING from the packaging to the high quality tea bag, the tea leaves to the taste. A perfect tea experience.

I went to the website www.JingTea.com and discovered an entire tea drinking culture which is accessible to the World.

Everything on the website is available to purchase, and they deliver all over the World. Delivery has always been fast, safe and reliable.

Recently I purchased the beautifully simple JING glass one cup teapot set for myself, which I love because it’s completely made of hand blown glass and is of great quality. It looks great, it’s strong and keeps my tea hot!

I also purchased a range of teas, my favourite is the popular Jasmine Pearls Green Tea. With that, I also get Moroccan Mint and Peppermint, Genmaicha Green Tea and Blackcurrant and Hibiscus. I will eventually get through their enormous range of teas!

The amazing thing about the JING loose leaf tea is that on the packaging of each tea, it has the exact date and city of where each of the leaves were hand picked. It’s amazing to think that the tea you are drinking was only picked and packaged 3 or so week earlier in the Fujian Provence in China – or anywhere else in the world depending on which tea.

The teabags are also something to make particular mention of, and was one of the biggest selling points for me when I first saw the brand at The Westin. They are not made of the typical filthy paper, they are made of a biodegradable nylon mesh which perfectly infuses your tea. Also being a pyramid bag, it allows the tea leaves to move around freely in the bag.

All I can suggest is going to the website and checking out their amazing and enormous range of tea and teaware. The website is easy, informative and you can change it to your currency to tell you the costs of each product.

If you weren’t too sure of what to get someone for Christmas, this is definately the answer – you can never go wrong with a perfectly presented tea.


Giant LEGO Brick Storage Boxes Are Fun, Playful And Practical

November 24th, 2010

I came across these in a magazine and thought they are absolutely fantastic!

As a kid, I was obsessed with LEGO… and now as an adult, I have to relive my youth with this playful storage alternative, under licence  from LEGO themselves.

They can be clicked together to create whatever structure you want, but you’d need many many pieces to build anything. They are great storage for a kids room, office or something a little bit different at home.

Unfortunately they are not yet available in Australia to purchase, but you can order them from the UK (the website says they don’t do it to Australia, but they have exceptions). Check out the site by clicking HERE.

London Fashion Week – The Designers – Osman

October 5th, 2010

Content Produced by Kate Lillian Muir & Photography by Kim Nguyen for AdrianErdedi.com

Black and block was where it was at for the Osman Spring Summer 10/11 show, with black mixed in with striking black colours dominating most looks. The show illustrated a gradual, tran-seasonal story which began with silk lined wool coats formed with ‘pop out’ panels and smooth line tailoring and came full circle with some beautiful flowing summer frocks in vibrant splashes of colour; candy pink, yellow and lime.

The SS 11 collection embodies a breezy simplicity created with woven and soft patent leathers, which contrast with lightweight gossamer silks layered to create a fine balance of textures and shapes.  Asymmetric dresses developed in organic denim are key to the range, additionally meticulously cut navy flared trousers feature through the collection.  Key tailored items for spring seem to be the way forward while new silhouettes in rainwear reference to 90s minimalist style.

Spotted on the runway… Australian supermodel Jess Hart.

The Specials – A Very Special Series Of Very Special People

September 24th, 2010

As most of you would know, Vimeo is another video search engine, like YouTube. Vimeo currently has a range of videos which are finalists in a few different genres, one of them being ‘Series’.

The finalist for this is “The Specials”, a reality video series of life inside a special needs home in the UK. There is a big house in Brighton, with 5 Down Syndrome adults living together with the cameras following them around capturing everything on their day to day life including love, heartache, new flatmates, dealing with all the things “normal” people deal with.

I have now become addicted to this series, I think it’s absolutely remarkable and these guys just constantly make me laugh. They are funny, sweet, cute and so kind to each other (sometimes!).

Please check out the video below, these are episodes 1 – 3.

Be sure to check out the rest www.the-specials.com

“The Real Hustlers” Airs Tonight On Channel 9 – It Has To Be Seen To Be Believed!

September 14th, 2010

Adam Mada in "The Real Hustle"

Adam Mada in "The Real Hustle"

Tonight at 9pm on channel 9 after Top Gear, “The Real Hustle” will air which I’m quite excited about watching. Hosted by Gyton Grantley, this is going to be one series to watch!

Most people think they could never be duped and conned, but every year one in three Australians will be exposed to some sort of scam. It might be you handing over your hard earned cash unless you learn the inside tricks of the thieves’ trade on this TV show.
Filmed with hidden cameras, a team of three Australian hustlers, along with their counterparts in the UK and USA, carry out some of the most notorious scams ever cooked up on unsuspecting members of the public.

Here in Australia three practised con artists pull off the scams. They are Clare Werbeloff, better known as the infamous “chk-chk boom” girl who became an overnight sensation after conning the media by fabricating an “eye-witness” account of a Kings Cross shooting in 2009; the so-called “honest con-man” Nick Johnson, an expert swindler who knows every trick in the book; and Adam Mada, a sleight-of-hand expert, trained magician and master of manipulation.

These hustlers show how easy it is to rip off a stranger, extract cash from the unsuspecting, and steal your belongings in seconds. This awesome series will feature more than 30 spectacular scams and expert advice on how to avoid being ripped off, with tips from Detective Superintendent Colin Dyson of the NSW Fraud Squad.

There is a disclaimer though for those of you who watch it: “All the innocent people who were in fact scammed during the making of The Real Hustle have been given their money back. They also agreed to let the footage of them being conned be broadcast as a warning to others.”

Can’t Find An Entertainment Unit For Your Home? Be Creative And Create One!

August 31st, 2010

When I was renovating and refurnishing my apartment, it took a long time to get exactly what I wanted. I could not find what I wanted anywhere in Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere else really. I was after an entertainment unit that suited the rest of my apartment which is a mix of eccentric styles – Rococo, French Provincial, First Wives Club and early 1900′s glam.

All of this searching and searching and searching for an entertainment unit that would suit a huge beige quilted leather lounge, a deer head and dramatic chandelier stressed me out. Nothing had character, charm or elegance. It wasn’t the cost either, I just simply could not find what I wanted.

So after many months, I resulted to being creative and creating my own entertainment unit out of antique trunks. Think of the beginning of the movie Titanic, when they help is transporting the luggage of the wealthy families from the car to the ship, well that’s what I wanted. And that’s what I got. You’re wondering what I would do with them? Well I bought one enormous trunk, complete with internal drawers, racks and another suitcase inside. The second is a trunk by the same designer. Both of these were originally from the UK, both built in 1902 and both covered in travel stickers from around the World. The other 2 trunks were used in World War II to transport military weapons and ammunition. Pretty cool hey?!

After I got them all professionally cleaned, the large one was measured up and a sheet of glass cut for the LCD TV to sit on.

After shuffling them around, I eventually figured out how the sit nicely in my loungeroom.

They are warm, they look amazing, they are different and always a talking point when people come over. The bonus part is I know a little about the history of them.

Where do you get them? You can get them all over the place, mainly in 2nd hand stores. But because I refuse to go to 2nd hand stores, I found them online and had them delivered to a re-conditioner where all they did was clean them up a little and that’s it!

Total cost? Altogether I spent just over $1,000. Alot less then I was expecting to spend, but a million times happier then anything I would have found in any store.

Tara Dennis/Tonia Todman, eat your heart out!

Cheryl Cole Has The X Factor!

May 18th, 2010

She is stunning, she dresses immaculately, hair is always perfect, great tan, amazing body and also a judge on X Factor UK, she is the ultimate pop star. Looking great and speaking well on television might be all well and good, but can she sing?

Cheryl Cole has released her solo album 3 Words which she has worked on closely with Will.i.am.

Will.i.am features on four tracks on the album, with the most recently released track being 3 Words, which is probably the most played song on my iPhone to date. This song is so amazing! The first time I heard it, in the first 25 seconds I was unsure about it and thought it was crap, until the bassy beats started and completely transformed the song. It is amazing!

When I listen to the album as a whole, I think of a few different people. It’s a little bit of Tina Cousins, mixed with Geri Halliwell sound and style (including the album cover pictured, from Geri’s Look At Me single). I tend to get a little bit of the tackiness of Paris Hilton’s album, but in a weird way, Cheryl can pull it off. Her tackiness is fun and fresh. But her tackiness is nothing like Katie Price.

If you are after an album with deep and meaningful lyrics, spine chilling vocals and unique sounds, I’d suggest you look elsewhere. If you are after something that is just a little bit of fun, to sing along to in the car with friends, or dance along to while cleaning the house, then this one is for you!

The song Heartbreaker with Will.i.am is also another cool song. It’s not great, it’s just cool. It’s a very end of high school sounding song… like it’s something you’d expect to be the theme song for the movie Mean Girls.

Stand Up is one of the slower songs on 3 Words, which has a great feeling to it. It makes you feel happy in a mellowed way.

Look, I like the album, I don’t love it. There’s only one real stand out song 3 Words, the rest are just simple songs. There is nothing spectacular or serious about the vocals, the music and beats have all been heard before, that’s about as deep as I think I can get when I hear this album.

As much as this review seems like a contradiction, I really enjoyed the album. As I mentioned, it’s fun and fresh and doesn’t have anything serious to it. It’s simple.

What do I rate it? Tough one… but out of 10, I give it 6.5.


A Woman Of Many Talents – Katie Underwood

April 12th, 2010

Ten years ago, Katie Underwood was a household name after winning a place in the all girl band Bardot.

After an extremely successful run in the band, it dissolved and all the band members went their own ways.

Melbourne girl Katie, perused her successful solo career, in both Australia and the UK, having hits played nationally and internationally on commercial radio, as well as reaching the top 50 in the Aria charts. She took the dance and club avenue, becoming well known in the club scene for her high energy music and collaborations with other well known artists and DJ’s like Disco Montego.

She has made a mark for herself in the entertainment industry, and continues to do so. She has her finger in every pie – theatre, television, music and radio.

She is a down-to-earth and unaffected women, with a unique sense of style and popular sound.

Her life journey took a different avenue, now performing jazz music around Melbourne… But I’ll let Katie tell you what she’s up to at the moment… (P.S. – You must hear her version of the amazing song Hallelujah on her website)

What projects are you currently working on or have in the near future?

I have recently been performing with my jazz band around Melbourne, but hoping to tour regionally and around Australia later this year. I have also been spending some time writing and collaborating with a few DJ/Producers with the aim of releasing another dance track in the future.

Who or what influences you most in Fashion and home décor?

I prefer my surroundings to be calm and somewhat ‘Zen’, so I guess the Japanese style of decor is most prevalent. My favourite piece of furniture at home is a Japanese circular display unit.

What is your favourite piece of clothing or accessory?

I’m really getting into white these days so anything white, pants, tops, bags I’m enjoying, especially in warmer weather. Favourite accessory would be a steel Owl pendant.

Do you have one feature in your home you love most?

A huge painting of a Bird Of Paradise plant.

Which foods and drinks most excite your taste buds?

Favourite new cocktail is the Aviation – making a comeback in a few of the cocktail bars around Melbourne.

What is your greatest extravagance?

My fondness for Veuve Clicquot and Billecart-Salmon Champagne

Greatest lesson learnt?

Success is about feeling happy with what you do, not what you’ve achieved in the eyes of others.

What advice would you give someone if they were thinking of a career in your industry?

Think very carefully about what you want to achieve and learn before you begin because once you’re in it, it’s often hard to see clearly and remember what you really want.

How do you maintain a life balance between work and home?

I currently work from home so I’m not sure I do have them balanced! I am conscious of taking a break to catch up with good friends regularly. They keep me grounded and sane.

Which celebrity wardrobe would you love to raid and why?

I honestly don’t pay much attention to main stream fashion so I wouldn’t know where to begin!

How did you get into doing what you do?

My first major break came through Popstars (Australia’s first reality TV talent show) but the path that lead me to that point was quite diverse. I had been singing and also recorded a dance track with a guy in the UK. I guess I was started to gain confidence and experience in the music industry and Popstars came along at the right time.

What is your one design rule you like to stick to around the home?

Less is more.

My Mother/Father always told me…

It doesn’t matter what you do but how you do it. Take pride in your work, whatever it is and strive to be the best you can be.

Where is your favourite place to relax when you’re in Sydney?

Relax in Sydney? I didn’t know that was even possible….

How often do you eat out and cook at home?

Not as often as I would like! I live on Fitzroy St so there’s so much good food literally on my doorstep it’s hard not to take advantage and eat out quite a bit.

Signature dish?

Vegetarian Noodles with Fresh Coriander. Simple but effective.

The one thing I can’t leave home without is…

My iPhone. I finally converted.

Being a Melbourne girl, but having spent alot of time in Sydney, what frustrates you most about Sydney?

That I don’t get to travel there as much as I used to!

When you come to Sydney, what is your favourite beach and why?

I’m not a huge beach lover but I always enjoyed Bronte beach because it’s quaint and quiet.

Three pet hates?

1. Superficiality.

2. Intolerance.

3. Judgement.

Fashion and home must-have’s?

A nice set of cocktail glasses and a shaker.

What is your one diva demand?

I’ve never had one. I might ask for a pineapple juice or something, maybe some Champagne (if it’s a club gig) but I won’t cry if I don’t get it. Life’s too short to be THAT kind of Diva.

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