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December 24th, 2010

It’s after 5am on Christmas Eve as I write this, unable to sleep. At 1:30am my home was broken into by a burglar, who went through my entire apartment, sifting through everything I own – while I was sleeping.

I was woken up by a flashlight in my bedroom, while he was unplugging my iPhone from it’s charger that was on my bedside table about 30cm from my head.

It took a while to figure out what was stolen. My iPhone (my life), some white gold Bulgari rings and an amazing Swarovski crystal watch. Some of my most valuable and sentimental possessions.

As I woke up and chased the burglar out of my apartment, I saw him jump off my balcony (many floors up!).

Now whatever you do this Christmas, make sure you secure your property before going away on holidays, going out for NYE or even leaving the house on Christmas day – these pathetic excuses for human life do exist and will go to almost any length to get what they want.

I have 24 hour security, my apartment is secure and up high – but this doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you – so be aware.

As the event runs through my mind, I think about how I could have been seriously hurt, especially if he had a weapon. At the time, I had no issues confronting him because of my rage, but in a way, it’s lucky it wasn’t confrontational and only materials things were taken.

A message to the burglar: I know you will probably read this (if you can read) because my website and cartoon is on the iPhone cover and screen. You will be caught. You left prints on everything. Don’t try selling the jewelry either – you’ll also be caught as all the stores have the serial numbers of each item. I hope you broke a leg when you jumped. Merry Christmas.

Adrian Erdedi

PS – Thankyou JING tea, Café Del Mar and my Glasshouse Gold Frankincense and Myrrh candle for calming me down as I mend some very sore and bruised hands from banging down a door! How very dramatic!

Stay Updated With Celebrity News 24/7 On Your iPhone!!

June 24th, 2010

Getting an iPhone was one of the best things I have ever got. I love the features, functions, apps and how limitless it is in the things I can do to simplify my life. A new app that has come out is one of those things which I love, because I love juicey gossip about our biggest celebrities! Let’s face it, who doesn’t?!

The Celebrity Charts application is for anyone who’s crazy about celebrity gossip (like myself!) and wants access to the latest news from a wide range of sources at their fingertips. Whether it’s the crazy Lady Gaga, or every girls dream, Taylor Lautner, your favourite celeb is on here!

What makes Celebrity Charts a little bit different is that it uses real-time data from what people are saying on the internet and social networking sites to pull together a Top 10 chart for celebrities in the movie and music industries.

The chart is always changing and giving users an insight into who’s hot and who’s not. The chart then delivers deeper content on each featured celebrity, such as news articles, pics and mentions on Twitter.

Sounds pretty cool hey… I love the layout and set-up of the app, it’s easy to use. There’s great functions and I love how you turn the phone upside down to switch between music and movie celebrities. Have a look at it on your Applications menu on the iPhone, it’s only $2.49!