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Sydney Kings Basketball Team Launches New Season In Style

October 14th, 2012


This was definately the one of the week… Perhaps the one of the month!

Sydney based basketball team, The Sydney Kings, threw a star‐studded cocktail event to celebrate the launch of their up‐coming season. My oh my, what an event it was!

‘The Night Parrot’ on William Street glowed to the passing traffic and pedestrians, as the exterior of the heritage‐listed building was lit with the Kings colours, purple and yellow with light installation projectors. As we came down William Street, we knew exactly where the party was at.

The path outside the building was lined with large white plinths, leading to the front gate and venue entry where the vibe was electric. Through the gate and down the ‘purple‐carpet’ we were greeted by a media pit that had every celeb, A-list to D-list getting interviewed.

As we left the purple‐carpet and moved inside, we were greeted by welcoming wait‐staff serving incredible hand crafted canapés and drinks. The large space was decorated with floating purple lights hanging from the rafters, elegant purple and gold tablecloths over high cocktail tables and music flowing from the resident Sydney Kings DJ, Jordan. The ambience was that of a sophisticated cocktail party, and every single one of us were immediately impressed.

The delightfully gorgeous NATARSHA BELLING greeted us as the official host, announcing the give‐away of two, business class return tickets to Los Angeles from UNITED AIRLINES. As soon as I found my spot with my friends, the gorgeous wife of LARRY EMDUR, SYLVIE, ran over to me asking what I was going to tweet for the chance to win the business class airfares. Why do I love The Sydney Kings and what I would do in LA, with the hashtag #UnitedHoops was all I had to do to enter! But sadly, I didn’t win. Natarsha announced the very lucky winner of the return tickets to Los Angles. Tweeting, ‘@TheSydneyKings Go shopping Julia­Roberts­Pretty­Woman style and see if they’d serve me in the Lion suit #UnitedHoops’, the lucky winner was Holly Kagis!

After the formalities were concluded, Natarsha announced the performance of COSIMA DEVITO, the first independent Australian artist in history to have a debut number one single, ‘Right Here, Right Now’. Cosima put on an outstanding, rock-solid performance, proving she is going to be a come-back! Following Cosima was the new talent from Sony Music MIRACLE performing his new single ‘Party of the Year‘, and then finishing the night off with WHAT ABOUT TONIGHT performing ‘Year 3000’ and ‘Pay Phone’, contestants from the current season of the X FACTOR on Channel 7.

After an evening of great Alizè cocktails, champagne and delicious food, my group left very happy with a heavy gift bag containing a heap of treats to spoil myself with. You can never leave feeling empty when you’re leaving with a bag this full!

Other guests included the very sweet SKYE LECKIE, JOHNATHAN NOTLEY from Bliss n Eso, Editor ROS REINES, singer and dancer TIMOMATIC, ‘I Will Survive’ contestants TOM SHARAH and STEPHEN MAHY, Model and DJ ROCHELLE FOX, ‘The Morning Show’ on Seven co‐host LARRY EMDUR, DR NIKKI GOLDSTEIN, gorgeous SHELLEY HORTON, Home & Away star DAN EWING and his delightful fiancé MARNI LITTLE, Breakfast on Ten co‐host MAGDALENA ROZE, BARRY DU BOIS and my favourite Spaniard MIGUEL MAESTRE from Channel 10’s The Living Room, Home & Away stars LINCOLN YOUNES and NIC WESTAWAY, star of ‘Underground’ ALEX WILLIAMS, JORDAN FINLAYSON and JIMMY REILLY from Channel 7’s Beauty and the Geek, actor and model JUSTIN MELVEY.

This was a star studded, food flooded, cocktail covered event which had the biggest and whitest smiles on everyone’s faces. A truly memorable time…

I must give a huge credit to the fantastic effort Running Romeo PR put in to make this event a success. It’s not often the people who actually organise and run these events on the night get a mention or credit, but these guys did an AMAZING job! Well done!!




February 21st, 2011


Sexy Australian singer & songwriter with a successful recording career and multiple mega hits including UK Dance chart #1 “Who Do You Love Now?”, has performed many times at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras party, is a radio personality, model and actress with TV appearances including as a cast member on Young Talent Time from the age of 10, on popular TV soap Home & Away, is currently a controversial judge on The X Factor UK and Australia’s Got Talent, with a hot new TV series Dannii Minogue: Style Queen airing on Fox8, and fabulous fashion designer recently launching her “Project D” fashion label & fragrance… DANNII MINOGUE!

FUN FACTS: Famously sister to Pop Princess KYLIE MINOGUE, Dannii is extremely family oriented and along with partner the super HOTTIE English model and ex-professional rugby league player Kris Smith welcomed their baby boy Ethan Edward Smith, born in Melbourne in 2010.


Alexandra Burke Has Overcome Her Biggest Fears

August 5th, 2010

Alexandra Burke is a stunning 21 year old from London who shot to fame after appearing on X Factor in 2009. Her intensely versatile voice and infectious music style has seen her shoot up beyond heights she ever imagined.

Her album Overcome is one of the best compilations of music that I’ve heard in a long long time.

Energetic, fun, revitalizing and spirit building, Overcome is the type of album you’d pop on while you have friends around for drinks before you head out to an event to get you in the mood! But like most albums, you’d probably need to skip 2 or 3 songs as they are the slower love/emo songs.

I find it hard to choose favourites on this album as most of the songs make me want to get up and move. When I’m cleaning, cooking, running or at the gym, Alexandra is there with me.

As I write this review, I’m not listening to Alexandra. I’m listening to a women who reminds me so much of Alexandra – Deborah Cox. I would go as far as saying that Alexandra Burke is the Deborah Cox of our generation. Rich and designer lyrics, vocal ranges that make you feel envious because no matter how hard you try in the car or shower, it just doesn’t compare.

There are two other singers, both Australian that I could compare this talent to – Ricki-Lee Coulter for the style of music and vocal range, and Jessica Mauboy, again for the style of music, but also for the ability to make every single song a hit.

To start Overcome off, “Bad Boys” featuring Flo Rida bounces on a bassy and catchy tune with a chorus you’ll start singing after the second time you’ve heard it. It was the first track Alexandra released and it was this track that shot her high in the sky, 5 months before the release of the album.

“Good Night, Good Morning” featuring Ne-Yo is track two, again another song that is completely catchy and finds you doing little dance moves around the kitchen without even knowing you’re doing it. The collaboration of these two performers create a great, pure voiced track with a soulful edge. It reminds me a little of the dance remix of “All Cried Out” by Allure with 112.

Track three, “The Silence” is one of those power ballads that send a shiver through your spine. The extreme vocal ability of Alexandra is showcased to it’s fullest. In this track, she gets to bring out her inner Celine Dion. The 2nd half of the song is phenomenal. Such power and liberation… You’d imagine white doves being set free and all of life’s issues diminishing. How very profound Adrian!

Track four is “All Night Long” featuring PitBull. This is her most recent single from the album. A great song that has wonderful influences taken from the unique and now unknown Toya, who funnily enough sang the song “Party All Night Long”.

One of my favourite tracks is “Broken Heels”, the danciest, the loudest, the bass heavy, lyric friendly track with Ricki-Lee influences. It’s a song of girls being girls and beating guys – showing them what they’re made of! It’s a sexy song and will definately get you dancing. After a few champanges, everything can be done better in ‘broken heels’ – unless you’re a guy of course.

The standout song for the album is “Overcome”. A song of defeating pain, after running away from life issues, facing them head on, Alexandra sings her blessed little heart out and sings this fabulous song, which gives you tingles of liberation and defeat. She has OVERCOME. This track is the stand out – much like Delta Goodrem had “Believe Again”. The power, the freedom and the ability to cross those barriers, you will overcome and believe again.

Now I know it seems I am descibing every song on the album, but every song is just so God damn good! I promise I’m almost done!

The hardcore dance track, the one that reminds me most of Deborah Cox and her super greatness and super talent is most certainly “Nothing But The Girl”. This song is HOT! I can run at 9km per hour on the cross trainer to this song, on level 8 and still keep to the beat!

“They Don’t Know”, a track written from her heart about her family and the search for the answer to life – love. The track ignites Christina Aguilera‘s “I’m Ok” from Stripped in my mind for the style, lyrics and voice. This is a beautiful song.

Finally, the bonus track on the album is the one song that has been covered by more artists then any other on this planet – “Hallelujah”. A song that has been remade so many time you could only roll your eyes at right? Wrong – her rendition of it is absolutely phenomenal. I wish I had half the talent this girl has.

This album is a 9 out of 10 for me. It’s up there with my favourite album of the year so far – Kelis‘ Flesh Tone.

Alexandra Burke’s Overcome… GET IT!

Cheryl Cole Has The X Factor!

May 18th, 2010

She is stunning, she dresses immaculately, hair is always perfect, great tan, amazing body and also a judge on X Factor UK, she is the ultimate pop star. Looking great and speaking well on television might be all well and good, but can she sing?

Cheryl Cole has released her solo album 3 Words which she has worked on closely with Will.i.am.

Will.i.am features on four tracks on the album, with the most recently released track being 3 Words, which is probably the most played song on my iPhone to date. This song is so amazing! The first time I heard it, in the first 25 seconds I was unsure about it and thought it was crap, until the bassy beats started and completely transformed the song. It is amazing!

When I listen to the album as a whole, I think of a few different people. It’s a little bit of Tina Cousins, mixed with Geri Halliwell sound and style (including the album cover pictured, from Geri’s Look At Me single). I tend to get a little bit of the tackiness of Paris Hilton’s album, but in a weird way, Cheryl can pull it off. Her tackiness is fun and fresh. But her tackiness is nothing like Katie Price.

If you are after an album with deep and meaningful lyrics, spine chilling vocals and unique sounds, I’d suggest you look elsewhere. If you are after something that is just a little bit of fun, to sing along to in the car with friends, or dance along to while cleaning the house, then this one is for you!

The song Heartbreaker with Will.i.am is also another cool song. It’s not great, it’s just cool. It’s a very end of high school sounding song… like it’s something you’d expect to be the theme song for the movie Mean Girls.

Stand Up is one of the slower songs on 3 Words, which has a great feeling to it. It makes you feel happy in a mellowed way.

Look, I like the album, I don’t love it. There’s only one real stand out song 3 Words, the rest are just simple songs. There is nothing spectacular or serious about the vocals, the music and beats have all been heard before, that’s about as deep as I think I can get when I hear this album.

As much as this review seems like a contradiction, I really enjoyed the album. As I mentioned, it’s fun and fresh and doesn’t have anything serious to it. It’s simple.

What do I rate it? Tough one… but out of 10, I give it 6.5.