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The Best A Man Can Get – Bulgari Cufflinks

July 16th, 2010

What is the one accessory that a man can get away with wearing, to top off the sharp suit, shirt, tie and shoes he’s wearing?

Cufflinks of course!

My favourite cufflinks are by Bulgari, especially the B.Zero cufflinks which are pictured above. They are made of sterling silver and around $440, but they are the ultimate piece that caps off the perfect tailored outfit. Feeling and looking confident for a meeting, interview or presentation is important, suprisingly a small touch like cufflinks can polish off that look.

I love the B.Zero cufflinks because I have the matching B.Zero white gold ring, so that’s a personal preference of mine. There are so many cufflinks available, in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold and with diamonds. I also love the diamond cufflinks.

Check them out on the website – www.bulgari.com

Remember when it comes to cufflinks, too much is never too much. It’s all about excess.

Louis Vuitton Will Always Stand By You

May 12th, 2010

My obsession with rings continues, and it’s hard to find a ring for men, covered with diamonds that doesn’t look too feminine. Just with abit of confidence, any man can pull off this 102 white diamond Louis Vuitton ring called Stand By Me.

The inspiration behind this ring comes from the handles of the LV trunks, which are exquisite on their own. Add them to the trunk and you have an exceptional piece of travel couture.

Available in either yellow or white gold, the Louis Vuitton Stand By Me ring with diamonds will set you back $6,750 – but don’t expect to get it straight away, you’ll need to order it in and it can take up to 12 weeks depending on the size.