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Fenton&Fenton Goes Wild With New Products

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

I’m really loving these wild products that fenton&fenton have just got in-store. The originality, the colour and the fun of them are just perfect for the home. Looking for an artistic feature? Perhaps the door is perfect for you!

If you get the doors, of course you will have to get the textile taxidermy, which will sit nicely above the zebra linen cushions on your designer lounge!

Fenton&fenton love to add a twist of the extraordinary to what might otherwise be labelled conventional homewares.

Lion Doors $4500, Zebra Linen Cushions $250, Textile Taxidermy $220 – 03 9533 2323

Thinking Of A Unique Rug For The House?

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Ok, so this one is going to stir the Greenie pot, but before I go any further, these animals are from domestic farms or from population control programs because believe it or not, as beautiful as a creature may be, these particular ones are regarded as pests in South Africa in some regions. These animals are not endangered or protected.

Moving past this, the Zebra skin available at Space furniture is one of those things you look at and think, WOW. It’s a glorious creature, which you feel sorry for, but then look at and appreciated it’s beauty.

I need not say more, but if this is something you are into, you can’t go past it. Simply stunning and a simple $4,850.