Anne Geddes and Woolmark Team Up To Support Use of Merino Wool

Two great Australian icons promote the benefits of Merino wool. The Woolmark Company and famed photographer Anne Geddes, two great Australian icons, have joined forces to launch the latest Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) research and marketing program addressing the needs of the emerging Mother and Baby sector of the global apparel market.

Health and safety is so important in parents’ minds when it comes to making choices about what products to use on their babies, and with this in mind the program was initiated to provide this support and promote Australian Merino wool across pregnancy wear through to baby wear, swaddles and blankets.

For centuries, mothers and carers have been wrapping and swaddling babies in natural fibres to keep them warm and comfortable. Merino wool is the natural fibre of choice for babywear, infants’ apparel and sleepwear. In particular, because babies are far more prone to heat loss or heat rises than adults, maintaining a healthy skin and body temperature is critical.

Merino wool has moisture and temperature management properties, and naturally assists regulation of body temperature. The inherent breathability and active moisture management properties of the fibre also helps prevent the skin from becoming clammy, which can provide a more comfortable environment for better sleep.

The Woolmark Company is partnering with Anne Geddes to put a trusted face to this sensitive and emotionally driven market, and present the story of wool and the health benefits associated with its use in this category.

I just love the images that go along with this promotion. Anne Geddes always captures the most amazing images of gorgeous little babies, at their cutest, most loving and vulnerable stage of their little lives.

As a little tribute to this promotion, I have included my own interpretation of an Anne Geddes photo – but of myself in Mykonos recently! Ok I agree… Totally not as cute as the babies above!

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