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August 12th, 2015


Article written by Unnamed Guest Contributor

There are literarily hundreds of treatments promising to regrow your natural hair, but how many of them actually work?

I had always been concerned about losing my hair and did all that I could in my younger years to ensure a full head of hair. However, I started to notice slight thinning of the hair in my thirties, and I have to be honest – it is the most traumatic experience emotionally, dealing with the fact you may lose all your hair.

In my sheer state of panic, I decided to try anything that promised to regrow my hair. I tried shampoos, vitamins and all sorts of solutions. None of what had promised me a full head of hair actually worked and resorted to the fact of dealing with my reality and either shave my hair or invest in numerous caps to disguise my hair loss.

A couple of months ago, I was approached to write an article on hair loss treatments, so I jumped at the chance. I mean who better to write this article than myself, given the amount of products and treatments I had already tried and tested for my own personal reasons.

I decided to go straight to the source who claim they have been “restoring hair since 1964”. That’s right guys, Ashley and Martin – they claim to be the number 1 medical hair clinic, so if anyone was going to regrow my hair, its these guys.

In a mad rush and sheer excitement, I rang the CEO of Ashley and Martin and arranged a time to visit their medical clinic in Chatswood for a consultation. On the day of my appointment, the treatment was explained to me fairly thoroughly and various photos were taken to document my progress.

The treatment products were tailored to my needs, and were delivered within a week for me to commence my journey to thicker and fuller hair.

Within the first month, I noticed my hair to have a little more volume and not as flat. Was this the first sign of baby hairs growing? To be quite honest, I really didn’t care what it was as the results were starting to be visible.

This continued as the weeks progressed. My hair was constantly feeling thicker and fuller. It was during the third month, I noticed hundreds of hairs growing much to my excitement.

For years I had not received compliments on my hair, and to finally have people commenting and telling me how great my hair looked, was a great sensation as I was no longer dealing with hair loss.

I am currently in my six month, and I can confirm my hair feels and looks thicker and have gained thousands of new healthy strands of hair.

I must admit, losing my hair and coming to terms with the awful reality had really taken a swipe at my self esteem. Coming to terms with it wasn’t easy, and I think I was in denial to a point.

I have never been a stranger to having treatments and a few jabs to turn back the ageing clock. You tend to walk away from these treatments feeling good for a couple of days, then it becomes the norm. However, I must say seeing Ashely and Martin and what they have done for me and my self esteem is unforgettable, as I no longer have to deal with what was my reality.

The verdict is, outstanding results and a team of professionals that have been nothing but an absolute delight to deal with. I would highly recommend Ashley and Martin to anyone going through what I had been dealing with.

Do yourself the favour and gain back your confidence by contacting the medical clinic and speak to one of their helpful professionals.

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