The New 10 Year Anniversary Georg Jensen Fusion Pavé

When I was looking for my signature piece of jewellery, I looked a few brands and rounded it to 3 – Bulgari, Louis Vuitton and Cartier. There was a ring I liked at each of them and couldn’t decide. I looked at so many other brands, including Georg Jensen, Mont Blanc and Canturi. I wasn’t a fan of any of them. So I settled for the Bulgari.

Back then, the Georg Jensen ring I looked at was the jigsaw styled ring called Fusion. It didn’t do it for me… Till the fresh and new 10 year anniversary Fusion Pavé recently launched. I really love this new diamond pavé. It’s very attractive, has an air of class and a touch of sophistication now that it is splattered with 261 brilliant cut diamonds (if you get the 3-bands. 87 per band).

You can make your ring as large or as small as you like by adding and subtracting bands – just depends on how much you can afford! Prices start from $6,250 up to $18,750.

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