Celebrities Lining Up For Jet Peel At Paramedical Skin Clinic

February 10th, 2011

If you know me well, you’ll know I love Melbourne. If you know me even better, you’ll know I love to look after my face and my skin – going to some pretty radical lengths to maintain my youthful appearance.

An amazing opportunity has come up for me to fly to Melbourne and try a brand new and amazing treatment which celebrities are lining up for. They are turning away from the knife, or painful injections and opting for non-surgical, less invasive procedures, to fight the signs of aging and maintain their youthful glow.

Celebrity Skin Guru, Ilesha Haywood of Paramedical Skin Clinic, whose clientele includes Dannii Minogue, Livinia Nixon, Sonia Kruger, Suzie Wilks, and Kimberley Davies, says that a new range of revolutionary skin treatments are helping celebrities maintain their enviable looks. So what the hell – I’m sold!

“Many celebrities today are turning their backs on botox, collagen, and invasive facelifts because they realize that they no longer need to subject themselves to these types of treatments. There are a host of new treatments that are non-invasive and leave clients literally looking years younger,” says Ilesha Haywood.

Yes I’m sold – but what is it? It’s one of Paramedical Skin Clinic’s new treatments, the Jet Peel. It’s favoured by celebrities for its natural, virtually painless skin treatment procedure that dramatically improves the appearance and texture of the skin.

The great news is that the same treatments celebrities use to maintain their skin are available to us – everyday men and women.

“Anyone can have the skin of a celebrity. Even if you have acne, pigmentation, or fine lines, this new era of skin treatments can turn back the clock, radically change the skin’s appearance, and leave anyone with great skin” Ilesha went on to say when we spoke over the phone.

It works by removing layers of dead skin cells, hydrating the skin with a moisturizing jet stream, and infuses oxygen into the deep dermis to recharge cells and help them to produce new collagen. It makes use of pressurized oxygen to create an exfoliative effect on the skin, leading to skin resurfacing. Sounds pretty exciting to me – and doesn’t involve injections!

“Following a course of Jet Peel treatments, it’s not unusual for our clients to say that they feel as if their skin looks 5-10 years younger!” says Ilesha.

Find out more and book yourself in: www.paramedicalskinclinic.com.au

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3 Responses to “Celebrities Lining Up For Jet Peel At Paramedical Skin Clinic”

  1. Hi Tem,

    Thank you for visiting Paramedical Skin Clinic. Ilesha and the team at Paramedical Skin Clinic make no claims that Ilesha is a medical doctor, however she does have a Ph.D. and 16 years’ experience in the cosmetic medical industry. During this time she has worked in many skin clinics, day surgeries and dermatology clinics, as a national laser trainer for Australia and New Zealand, and has travelled extensively world-wide to source the best treatments and products. The Paramedical Skin Clinic has won ‘Victorian Clinic of the Year’ more than several years in a row (Ilesha, I don’t think you can say more than several. You either need to just say several, or say more than X years in a row and be specific on the number of years) and it is our aim is to get your skin into the healthiest possible state. We offer a wide range of non-surgical no-trace treatments that address the needs of the skin and every budget. Most of our patients prefer walk-in, walk-out treatments with no down time, allowing them to be able to go to work the next day and continue with their daily life. This is not always the case with laser treatments which can require days of healing time. The results? Well, they are exceptional, which is why celebrities trust us to treat their skin.

    Jo, we are glad that you enjoyed your treatments – they are well worth the try!

    The Paramedical Team.

  2. tem says:

    Having visited many clinics in Melbourne that offer dermal therapies I can honestly say that the Paramedical Skin Clinic is the last place I would get treatments done. My experience was that Illeisha’s only focus was to make as much money as possible, I feel that the advice I received elsewhere to be much more focused on my skin and the results I would actually expect rather than pressuring me into spending over $8,000 on a pack of treatments whilst mentioning various celebrities that promote the clinic. Also while Illeisha refers to herself as a ‘doctor’ she isn’t actually a medical doctor, and certainly not a dermatologist (or a medical doctor who has had years of advanced medical training in dermatology to be certified as a dermatologist). Additionally I feel that the range of treatment tools provided at the clinic to be quite limited, for example there are no laser based treatments at all.

  3. Jo Brand says:

    I tried a jet peel at the Paramedical clinic in South Yarra last week after reading your blog (and a few others) and it was absolutely amazing. It feels like having a massage on your face. My skin felt invigorated afterwards and it’s definitely tighter and the pores on my nose are much less obvious now. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who has skin aging concerns.

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